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First name HEMO FE125
Typology fertilizer
Brand farpagro
Formulation LIQUID
Active principle FLUID BLOOD
Label HemoFe125.pdf


HEMOFe125 is an organic nitrogenous fertilizer obtained from the processing of bovine blood for the food industry. The production of HEMOFe125 is subjected to very stringent quality controls, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on food production (HACCP).
HEMOFe125 fulfills an important nutritional need of plants by supplying a proteo-porphyric complex of bivalent iron (hemin), with high bioavailability.
HEMOFe125 is a unique product in the category of iron-based products: it is the first absolutely natural iron chelate. Unlike other synthetic chelates, whose functionality depends to a certain extent on the pH of the soil, the Iron present in HEMOFe125 is functional and available in any condition.
In addition to Iron HEMOFe125 provides organic Nitrogen, in the form of low molecular weight peptides and hydrolysed proteins, which contribute to the nutrition of the bacteria present in the rhizosphere and directly to the nutrition of the plant.


  • The organic iron present in HEMOFe125 in bivalent form is the most active and acts directly and indirectly by resolving the phenomena of iron chlorosis of plants.
  • The product thanks to the presence of nitrogen and organic iron as well as the greening of the leaves stimulates the development of the vegetative apparatus and of the fruits.
  • HEMOFe125 does not block but favors the assimilation of other microelements as well.
  • HEMOFe125 has a greening effect on vegetation, improves the color of flowers and fruits, guarantees a longer shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers.
  • Due to its particular characteristics HEMOFe125 provides nutrients without increasing the salinity of the soil.
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